The annual international German Gay/Lesbian (LGBTI) GOLF Championships.

On (3rd), 4th + 5th (6th) October 2019

About the German Rainbow Open:

Idea of the tournament

It was the spring of 2005…

There were five of us and we had a common vision: We wanted to create our own international golf tournament for lesbians and gays.

With high sporting standards, played over two days on an 18-hole championship course. Above all, however, the fun and communication within the LGBTI community should be in the foreground. For example, mixed flights, also in terms of playing level, were a natural part of the plan.

In the same year we were able to turn our vision into reality – and have been doing so every autumn ever since. Today the German Rainbow Open is a firmly established tournament in European gay and lesbian golf (LGBTI).

According to our philosophy we want to introduce as many still inexperienced lesbians and gays interested in golf as possible to this wonderful sport. A professional golf introduction course is therefore always part of the German Rainbow Open. And we promise: Our LGBTI Community Golf Tournament is also suitable for players with little tournament experience.


Be there! We look forward to seeing you, all of you.

May the swing be with you…




The venue for our 15th GRO is currently still in the planning stage.

Content will follow in spring 2019

Thursday, 3rd October 2019


Accreditation /Get-Together / Event Opening
Accreditation: 6 p.m. bis 7.45 p.m. Location tbd.
Get-together Location tba.:
In a casual setting and with food at food stations (self-payers) all participants have the opportunity to get to know competitors from home and abroad before the first tee-off. At about 8 p.m. the official welcome of all participants of the 15th German Rainbow Open and the official Event Opening of the tournament weekend will take place.
The starting list for Saturday will be published from about 9 p.m. (location tba.).

Friday, 4th October 2019


1st Tournament Day, 15th GRO | Golf Introduction Course | Aperitive and Festive Buffet (location tba.)

until 8:30 a.m. latecomer accreditation (please inform us in advance if you can only accredit on Saturday) at the golf reception.

On the first day of the tournament, the first 18 holes will be played in (preferably mixed) foursomes:
10:00 a.m.: gun start on both courses

Class C/D: tba.
Class A/B: tba.

Parallel to the 1st tournament day:
10 a.m. to approx. 3.30 p.m.: Golf Introduction Course, lunch break in between at (location tba.)

After the first sporting part, all participants will be invited to an aperitif (location tba.) from around 6.15 p.m.


Afterwards we find ourselves there to enjoy the festive buffet, as well as a tombola and a small award ceremony for special rankings and the introduction course participants.

Saturday, 5th October 2019


2nd Tournament Day, 15. GRO | Award Ceremony at location tba.

The title decision at the 15th German Rainbow Open will be made on Saturday, 5th October 2019:
The participants start into the final round in flights of three – depending on the result of the stroke play (A+B) / net (C+D) of the previous day.

Class C/D, location tba.: 09.00 a.m. (1st flight of tea 1 and tea 10)
Class A/B, location tba.: Tee 10 from 9:00 am, Tee 1 from 9:30 am

About 5:30 p.m.:

Award ceremony for places 1-3 in the individual scoring classes women and men, as well as the pink jacket award to the two tournament winners (women/men).

Afterwards the organizers say goodbye to all participants of the 15th German Rainbow Open, end of the event.

Golf Introduction Course

Getting to know golf:

We are committed to introducing those interested in golf to the LGBT community. That is why we offer a golf introduction course with the help of the golfmanagement of (location tba.).

Parallel to the first round of the tournament on Friday, 4th Oct.2019, non-golfers will have the chance to experience the fascination of golf in a golf introduction course lasting several hours under the professional guidance of a golf instructor. Rental clubs, balls, welcome drink and guided tour included.

The process:

10.00 – noon Training
noon – 1 pm Lunch break
1 pm – 2 pm Practice
2 pm small tournament of the introduction course participants

On Saturday, 5th Octt., graduates of the introduction course can rent clubs and play on the practice facilities on their own initiative for a fee. If you are interested, please contact the golf reception.


Please bring non-slip shoes for the introduction course!

Registration for the introduction course automatically includes participation in the evening event on Friday, 4th Oct. 2019, start 6.30 pm.

Entry Fee, Packages & Booking

As soon as the location and general conditions have been determined, this section will be updated here.

Official Tournament Announcement

Important Information – please read (will be updated in spring 2019).



All relevant information about the scoring classes, game / start mode, caddy control, play-off… etc. are available for download in the form of the official tournament announcement (in spring 2019).

Who plays sporty ambitious tournaments, looks always exactly into the advertisement. We explicitly welcome golfers who do not yet have so much experience in tournaments. And they ask, just like the experienced “old hands”, to download the invitation to tender provided here and to read it carefully.

MARKUS can answer questions about the tournament announcement at tournament@german-rainbow-open.com

Hall of Fame

Winners 2018

Stefanie Sperber, Hamburg

Andreas Iken, Hamburg

Winners 2017

Theresa, Hamburg

Andreas Iken, Hamburg

Winners 2016

Petra, Bielefeld

Andreas Iken, Hamburg

Winners 2015

Stefanie Sperber, Hamburg

Stephan Zimmermann, Frankfurt

Winners 2014

Anne-Kristin Gerlach, Seevetal

Gordon Munro-Sönksen, Versmold

Winners 2013

Anemone Synomyme, Hamburg

Gordon Munro-Sönksen, Versmold

Winners 2012

Stefanie Sperber, Hamburg

Markus Ortlieb, Heidelberg

Winners 2011

Inger Giwer, Berlin

Gordon Munro-Sönksen, Versmold

Winners 2010

Tina Ehorn, Lüneburg

Gordon Munro-Sönksen, Versmold

Winners 2009

Inger Giwer, Berlin

Gordon Munro-Sönksen, Versmold

Winners 2008

Anke Braunschweiger, Achim

Gordon Munro-Sönksen, Versmold

Winners 2007

Inger Giwer, Berlin

Michael O’Brien Kelly

Winners 2006

Anke Braunschweiger, Achim

Gordon Munro-Sönksen, Versmold

Winners 2005

Inger Giwer, Berlin

Gary Langdale, Weston-super-Mare, England

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