German Rainbow Open 2024


The annual international German gay/lesbian (LGBTIQ*) GOLF championships.

Thursday, October 3rd 2024 – Saturday, October 5th 2024

Event Location:


Golfclub Hoesel  Hoeseler Straße 147
42579 Heiligenhaus (close to Duesseldorf)


Get together / accreditation: Thursday, October 3rd 2024

1st tournament day: Friday, October 4th 2024

2nd tournament day: Saturday, October 5th 2024

This is what our participants say:

The idea of the tournament

It was spring the year 2005 …

There were five of us and we had a common vision: We wanted to create an international golf tournament for lesbians and gays.


With high sporting standards, played over two days, on an 18-hole championship course. Above all, however, the focus was to be on fun and communication within the LGBTIQ community. For example, gender-mixed playing groups (only called “flights” in Germany) were a natural part of the plan, also in terms of playing strength.


Already in the same year, we were able to make our vision come true – and have been doing so again and again every fall since then. Today, the German-Rainbow-Open are a firmly established tournament in European gay and lesbian (LGBTIQ) golf.

In accordance with our philosophy, we want to introduce as many uninitiated lesbians and gays interested in golf as possible to this wonderful sport. A professional golf trial course is therefore always part of the German-Rainbow-Open. And we promise: Our LGBTIQ Community Golf Tournament is also suitable for players with little tournament experience.



Important enhancements 2024

The GRO continue to develop …

Golf is evolving and we want to make the GRO more attractive for all target groups. Therefore, we have thought about it, talked to many participants and decided on some changes and innovations. With both innovations, we are pursuing the goal of increasing the flow of the game and the fun factor for all participants.

Sustainable golf event

We want to be responsible with resources and host a golf tournament that reflects this approach. For this reason, we have been dispensing with beverage bottles for round catering since the 17th GRO and offer a refill system. We also do without starting gifts that offer no added value and quickly end up in the trash can, as well as multiple printed starting and results lists. The latter have also been available in digital form for all participants on demand since 2022.
Thus, we will continue to make further changes in the future in order to minimize our impact on the environment without losing sight of the value of the German-Rainbow-Open. We appreciate your understanding and even more your support of this approach.

In 2024, the number of participants is limited to 120 (players and accompanying persons)

Please note the details in the announcement (waiting list)


Senior competition
With the 18th GRO we introduce a gender and class independent senior competition. Eligible for this new classification are participants aged 60 years and older.
The senior ranking will be played as a 9-hole tournament on both days (1x 9-hole on tournament day 1 and 1x 9-hole on tournament day 2). Participants in the senior ranking will therefore not be included in the class A-D rankings.  The tournament will be played according to Stableford in a net ranking (net prizes 1-6).


Of course, eligible participants can also opt for the 18-hole competition (A-D) and thus not compete in the senior ranking.

Rookies – optional 9-hole tournament
You have a handicap between +36 to +54 and don’t feel comfortable to play in the 2x 18-hole competition? I so you can chose to play in the rookie competition and thus 1x 9 holes per day. With this we want to make the entry into the tournament world more attractive for “rookies”.
You are probably wondering what will happen if you improve your handicap by the time of the GRO so that you no longer qualify for the rookie ranking. In that case we ask you to contact us, because then you are indeed qualified for the 18-hole tournament and have to play it (+60 EUR additional payment for 18 hole greenfees).

Code of Conduct

Whether lesbian, gay, bi, trans, non-binary, fluid … we welcome you as part of the LGBTQI* community to the German Rainbow Open. We invite everyone who participates in our events to help us create safe and positive experiences for all. The Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for all who participate in our community and the consequences for unacceptable behavior.


Download Code of Conduct

Program 2024

What awaits you …

Two great golf courses, a feel-good atmosphere on and around the golf courses, lots of smiles, wonderful conversations, new friendships and simply lots of fun in our community. Of course, you can also expect a few treats … stay tuned.

Thursday Oct. rd 2024


Get Together in the golf-restaurant at the golfclub Hoesel
Self-payer/small card


GC HOESEL club-house


Golf-restaurant/club-house Hoesel
Welcome of the participants by the board of the German-Rainbow-Golfers association


around 9pm
Clubhaus Foyer & online-Download
GRO tee-off list for Friday October 4th (1. tournament day)


End of the evening at the bar in the Waldhotel Heiligenhaus

Friday Oct. 4th, 2024


from 08:00am

GC HOESEL golf reception: Issue of score cards, late accreditation


Captains-Briefing (planned)


On both courses shot-gun start for groups A, B, C and D.
Groups Rookies & Seniors play based on tee-times for organizational reasons.


North course, Classes A/B – 18-holes
10:00am Shot gun start

Subject to change


South course,  Class C/D – 18 holes
10:00am Shot gun start

Subject to change


South course,  Rookies & Seniors – 9 holes
10:30am tee-off times from tee box 1 or 10


North course, Half-way-snack

1 Station close to tee 1

1 Station close to tee 10 

South course, Half-way-snack

1 Station close to tee 10

from around 3.30pm (optional / expected): 




Get Together 




1st evening event

Golc club restaurant: 

Champagne reception, dinner, award ceremony special prizes, TOMBOLA


Non-alcoholic drinks & water flat rate for 1h from the opening of the buffet, sponsorship by GRG e.V.


from 9pm

Club-house lobby: 

Posting of the GRO start lists for Saturday, October 5th (2nd day of the tournament)


Open end

End of the Friday event

Saturday October 5th 2024


from 08:00am

GC Hoesel Golf reception: Issuing of the scorecards


On both courses and for all groups tee times.


South course, Classes A/B,

Tee 1 from 8:30am,  

Subject to change

North course, Class C/D

Tee 1 from 9:00am

North course, Rookies & Seniors

Tee 1 from – to be announced  

Subject to change


North course, Half-way-snack

1 station close to tee 1

1 station close to tee 10

South course, Half-way-snack

1 station close to tee 10


from around 4pm / 5pm

Club house terrace, 

Welcome of the Champions” 

Beverages – Sponsorship by the GRG association; group photo if applicable




Location to be announced:

Champagne reception, dinner (buffet), award ceremony special prizes, TOMBOLA/RAFFLE


Non-alcoholic drinks & water flat rate for 1h from the opening of the buffet, sponsored by GRG e.V.


around 8pm

Award ceremony of all handicap-groups of the 19th German-Rainbow-Open 2024, Pink-Jacket-Award, press photos.

Official closing and end of the 19th German-Rainbow-Open


from 9pm

PayersNite – dance party

Open End


Here: Download of the program as PDF  (soon to come)

Where to stay 2024

Having a heavenly sleep …

you can stay in our tournament hotel – WALDHOTEL HEILIGENHAUS. Also for the 19th GRO we could negotiate a large room contingent (40 single- and 40 double rooms) and special conditions for all our participants.


The special conditions are valid in the following period::

Arrival date: October 2nd | 2024 Departure date: October 6th 2024


Special price in single room of € 108,00 per night and room
Special price in double room of € 143,00 per night and room
breakfast included


Booking must be made directly with the hotel – keyword Rainbow


Waldhotel Heiligenhaus, Parkstrasse 38, 42579 Heiligenhaus
for reservations: Tel.: +49 2056 – 59 70
for reservations: reservierung@wald-hotel.de

The cancellation conditions of the hotel apply, which can be requested directly from the hotel.


In addition, there are numerous hotels in the region due to its proximity to Duesseldorf. In Heiligenhaus itself with the hotel “Neues Pastorat” an alternative is available.

Tournament announcement 2024

The official tournament announcement …

is available for you to download here. Please read it carefully to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the tournament:

Download the official Tournament Announcement

Packages, booking and payment 2024

We have put together these packages …


Please note the information under the menu item “Important news”.


After booking a package, you will receive a confirmation to the email address you provided. Please note that your start or participation place is only guaranteed if you have transferred the corresponding package price in full to the account indicated below. A few days after your booking you will receive an invoice. This includes an invoice number, which you please indicate as reason for payment in the transfer.


Registration deadline: September 28th, 2024

The early-bird discount will be granted until August 1st, 2024


Please note our GRO cancellation policy.


Payment of the package price at the latest 14 days after booking (confirmation immediately by email):
To be able to receive the early-booking discount the respective package cost must be payed latest by August 1st, 2024.


Payee: German-Rainbow-Golfers e.V.
Bank: Deutsche Skatbank
Branch of the VR-Bank Altenburger Land eG | Altenburger Str. 13 | 04626 Schmölln
IBAN: DE82 8306 5408 0005 2462 70
reason for payment: first and last name, GRO2023, invoice number

Package A18 – Groups A-D
Early-bird: 325 EUR | Normal: 355 EUR

Starting gift
2x 18 hole tournament
all evaluations
small lunch package (bring your own bottle for refill) & 2x halfway catering
2x evening events with buffet & PlayersNite
Welcome of the Champion Drinks
Award ceremony with prizes

Package A9 – Rookie
Early-brid: 260 EUR | Normal: 295 EUR

Starting gift
2x 9 hole tournament
all evaluations
small lunch package (bring your own bottle for refill) & 2x halfway catering
2x evening events with buffet & PlayersNite
Welcome of the Champion Drinks
Award ceremony with prizes

Package S9 – Seniors 65 years and older
Early-bird: 260 EUR | Normal: 295 EUR

Starting gift
2x 9 hole tournament
all evaluations
small lunch package (bring your own bottle for refill) & 2x halfway catering
2x evening events with buffet & PlayersNite
Welcome of the Champion Drinks
Award ceremony with prizes

Package F – Fun
Early-bird: 170 EUR | Normal: 195 EUR

Start gift
small lunch package (bring your own bottle for refill) & 2x halfway catering
2x evening event with buffet & PlayersNite
Welcome of the Champion Drinks
Award ceremony with prizes

Hall of Fame

winner 2023


Nina Benning, Essen


Ondřej Vrátný, Prag

winner 2022

Theresa, Hamburg

Andreas Iken, Hamburg

winner 2021

Theresa, Hamburg

Christer Shipley, Stockholm

winner 2019

Tina Ehorn, Lüneburg

Christer Shipley, Stockholm

winner 2018

Stefanie Sperber, Hamburg

Andreas Iken, Hamburg

winner 2017

Theresa, Hamburg

Andreas Iken, Hamburg

winner 2016

Petra, Bielefeld

Andreas Iken, Hamburg

winner 2015

Stefanie Sperber, Hamburg

Stephan Zimmermann, Frankfurt

winner 2014

Anne-Kristin Gerlach, Seevetal

Gordon Munro-Sönksen, Versmold

winner 2013

Anemone Synomyme, Hamburg

Gordon Munro-Sönksen, Versmold

winner 2012

Stefanie Sperber, Hamburg

Markus Ortlieb, Heidelberg

winner 2011

Inger Giwer, Berlin

Gordon Munro-Sönksen, Versmold

winner 2010

Tina Ehorn, Lüneburg

Gordon Munro-Sönksen, Versmold

winner 2009

Inger Giwer, Berlin

Gordon Munro-Sönksen, Versmold

winner 2008

Anke Braunschweiger, Achim

Gordon Munro-Sönksen, Versmold

winner 2007

Inger Giwer, Berlin

Michael O’Brien Kelly

winner 2006

Anke Braunschweiger, Achim

Gordon Munro-Sönksen, Versmold

winner 2005

Inger Giwer, Berlin

Gary Langdale, Weston-super-Mare, England

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