Our GRG ambassadors are your contacts for everything to do with the German Rainbow Golfers. Are you looking for a connection in your region, do you have questions about the club or our tournaments? Then feel free to contact one of our representatives. Over time, our ambassador network will be expanded. If you cannot identify yourself with one of the regions mentioned, you can either contact one of the ambassadors listed or send a message to info@german-rainbow-golfers.com.

Martin Meinert (Hamburg)


That’s me: Me and my husband have been playing golf since 2006. We quickly came across the German Rainbow Golfers. That was a moment that changed our lives. New friendships have grown over the years. To overseas. With the GRG, the Eurogames in Helsinki and the Gaygames in Paris have been our highlights so far. The annual GRO is a must for us. In recent years I have already performed many different tasks within the association. I was the 2nd board member for many years, organized regional rounds for many years, am currently organizing the Hamburg Rainbow Masters and am active in member support.


I am a GRG ambassador because I would like to promote gay golf and the club. Golfing under the sign of the rainbow is golfing with friends. It is also important to ensure visibility and tolerance on green fairways as well. We achieve this through the many regional and national events and through our own outing on 19 holes.


What I would like to say: whether lesbian, gay or bi, whether trans or inter, whoever you are – we look forward to seeing you!


Mail: region_hamburg@german-rainbow-golfers.com

Tobias Knappe (Berlin)


I am a GRG ambassador because I want to share the fun of golf with others and use the sport to break down boundaries, barriers and prejudices related to LGBTQIA+.


Mail: region_berlin@german-rainbow-golfers.com

Inge Wawra (North Rhine-Westphalia)


That’s me: Inge and totally crazy about golf since 2021. I just can’t get enough of hitting that little ball with all my power and distance.
My path as a golfer has only just begun and I love conquering the courses in NRW with the Rainbow community…


I am a GRG ambassador because I want to add momentum to the sport and show that rainbow colors look just as amazing on the course as they do in a Pride parade!
Together we form a colorful community that has fun, supports each other and simply puts away the prejudices.
So, let’s shake up the golfing world together and show that queer golfers are not only great, they can also tee off terrifically.


What I would like to say: Let’s build a strong community together where EVERYONE feels welcome and accepted!
We have the style, the momentum and above all a lot of fun… #birdieschnaps 😉


Mail: nrw@german-rainbow-golfers.com

Ann-Katrin Thimm (Frankfurt)


That’s me: I live and work in Frankfurt am Main, but I also like to spend time in NRW through my partner. Golf has been with me my whole life, unfortunately not as much as a game at the moment due to time constraints. The courses in the Rhein-Main-Neckar-Odenwald region are well known to me and the GRO is always a fixed date in my calendar.


I am a GRG ambassador because I have been involved in all activities and developments relating to our GRG family since 2012 and I am very happy to be a part of it. There is a lot to discover and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. I am fundamentally convinced of the goals and work of the association and would like to help more people to learn about it and become enthusiastic about it.


What I would like to say: Let’s spread the rainbow golf feeling!


Mail: region_frankfurt2@german-rainbow-golfers.com

Stephan Zimmermann (Frankfurt)


This is me: I’m a gay dad who first attended GRO in 2015 and have been hooked on the idea ever since. I live alone. My children are 28 and 29 years young and live independently. I love golf, especially as part of the GRG. I’m a team captain at the GRG Team Trophy and a regular participant at the GRO.


I am a GRG Ambassador because I am passionate about golf and would like to share this passion with interested, like-minded golfers. The idea of the German Rainbow Golfers inspired me from the moment I first contacted them. I am very happy to be available as an ambassador for the Frankfurt region and the surrounding area. But I would be happy to see whether this will result in regular rounds.


Mail: region_frankfurt@german-rainbow-golfers.com

Erika Albert (Heidelberg)


That’s me: Since I only discovered golf for myself at the age of 60, the focus is less on the sport and more on the community and regular exchange.


I am a GRG ambassador because I want to make it easier for interested queer golfers who have heard of German Rainbow Golfers e.V. to enter the community and at the same time support them in making social contacts with like-minded people.


Mail: sw@german-rainbow-golfers.com

Verena Reichert (Heidelberg)


That’s me: human first and foremost. Golf enthusiastic, but also hiking and cycling, culturally interested and socially committed.


I am a GRG ambassador because I have known the German Rainbow Golfers community since 2012 and feel comfortable with it. I am the contact person for golfers and those interested in golf who would like to get to know us in the Heidelberg and Rhine-Neckar area. I also like to do something with like-minded people, even beyond golf.


Mail: sw@german-rainbow-golfers.com

Martina Loesgen (Bremen/Oldenburg)


That’s me: My name is Martina and I live in Oldenburg. My love for golf has intensified in the last two or three years and together with my partner Dunja I enjoy playing on new golf courses worldwide, but we also regularly play at our home club in Hude. Through the German Rainbow Golfers we have already met very nice, like-minded golfers and participated in many great events / tournaments.


I am a GRG Ambassador because: I would like to pass on the idea of the community we have developed at the German Rainbow Golfers. I want to increase the visibility of our golfing community and help more like-minded people find out about us so they can join and come home from the events just as beaming with joy as we do.



What I would like to say: We accomplish more together than we do alone, so I’m happy to help us “grow” as an association in the community.


Mail: bremen@german-rainbow-golfers.com

Andrea Martschink (Munich/Bavaria)


That’s me:Golfing, cycling, music, politically interested, ex-restaurateur, IT specialist, …. The GRG community is just as and even more “colorful”, which is why I’ve been part of it for > 10 years.


I am a GRG Ambassador because:

Golfing with fun & play in the community is great 😃 That’s why I would like to activate our region with like-minded people. He, she, them, …. you are welcome! Rookie at golf? Take a chance – there are lots of good players and you’ll learn quickly 😉. Want to play along? Suggestions for setting up our region or co-organizers are also most welcome!


Mail: bayern@german-rainbow-golfers.com

Benjamin Weinbrenner (Hanover)


That’s me: Although my husband has been playing golf for a long time, I had some of the familiar prejudices, but they quickly vanished into thin air. After one of several trial sessions the ball came flying for the first time, I was gripped by golf fever. 2016 “course allowance” and in the same year as a rookie with HCP -54 entered the German Rainbow Open and was warmly welcomed into the community. Besides volleyball and running, golf is the perfect complement to my professional life. I appreciate the flexibility to play this beautiful sport all year round, regardless of time, whether alone, in pairs or in a group.


I am a GRG Ambassador because: I want to pass on my enthusiasm for the sport and break down prejudices. I would like to advertise the great community of Rainbow Golfers, which I feel every time at national as well as international tournaments. What could be better than actively pursuing your passion together in a safe space and, in the best case, making new friends?


Mail: region_hannover@german-rainbow-golfers.com

Patrik Knupp (Rombach – Aarau/ Switzerland)


That’s me: I’ve been married for a few years and am trying to establish a network of Rainbow Golfers in Switzerland. I’ve known the German Rainbow Golfers since 2021 and I personally think it’s a brilliant thing!


I am a GRG Ambassador because: “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” – Confucius (551 BC)
I try to do my best to play golf regularly. And it’s definitely more fun in a rainbow community!


What I would like to say: I am looking forward to the network and the exchange.


Mail: region_schweiz@german-rainbow-golfers.com